[Michael Shaughnessy] Reasoning and Sense-Making: Keys to Student Engagement

Shaughnessy’s morning keynote covered Reasoning and Sensemaking (RSM). He spent the first ten minutes reviewing the different resources NCTM offers. Then he illustrated RSM with four tasks he had us work on and debrief. You can find all the problems in his slidedeck but the fourth one interests me most.

Problem 4

A “data detective” exploration. What do you notice in these tables? What do you wonder about?

As we noticed sums between rows and columns and speculated what they could be describing, he progressively added column and row headings, which in turn sent our reasoning down new, different paths.

His point was that RSM can and does occur in “naked number” contexts.


One thought on “[Michael Shaughnessy] Reasoning and Sense-Making: Keys to Student Engagement

  1. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Michael Shaughnessy was my math professor years ago in Portland, so this is a treat to get a recap of his presentation.

    As soon as I saw the first slide of Problem 4, I recall a similar set of data that was presented at another workshop (I think it was by Edward Zaccaro), in similar “naked” fashion. The Titantic? If so, I remember the data separated into men, women, and children.

    You know I have to steal the pattern problem and post it on visualpatterns.org, right? :) Thanks so much, Dan!

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